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Viktor’s Piggy Bank

Viktor's Piggy Bank



Ideal for introducing children to savings while tinkering!


Viktor's Piggy Bank is the perfect tool to introduce children to the concept of saving. This is a piggy bank to decorate and a story integrating the notion of savings. This product leads the child to be creative; the child decorates his piggy bank; the child thinks about what he wants to do with his savings; the exchange and discussions about money between adults and children is beneficial. Viktor's piggy bank is also designed to help you educate young people about money.


Designed for children ages 4 to 10

Developed by a personal finance advisor

Perfect for introducing kids to money

Highly educational thanks to the book integrating the notion of savings



1 cardboard piggy bank

1 coin sticker sheet

1 sticker sheet on which the child draws or writes what they want to do with their savings

1 story book Viktor's Piggy Bank

Viktor’s Piggy Bank

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