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Passionate about financial planning, her profession as a financial advisor has allowed her to help people manage their money and she is always relieved when she sees how happy they are for this often much needed guidance. This eventually lead her to another passion: teaching finance. Joining her passion about money management and a strong desire to educate, she created brilliant personal finance workshops for teenagers. Mother of two children, the entrepreneur in her wanted to go even further in this project and began to educate young minds about managing their money. Nataly now devotes her time to children's literature with the aim of sharing her knowledge on a larger scale. Because every child has a dream he or she whishes to fulfill. 

Fric et fortune is proud to announce that part of its profits will be donated for cancer research. It's quite simple, whenever you buy Fric et fortune products, you contribute to the financial education of your children and teenagers and we give back to save lives! Fric et fortune believes in the importance and miracles of cancer research and that is why it is important for us to donate money to the Cancer Research Society whose mission is to prevent, detect and treat all types of cancer.

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Fric et fortune is constantly innovating to find the best ways to educate young people in personal finance. We use our daily creativity to create innovative products and we work with perseverance for one purpose: to encourage savings. ​

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