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FRIC ET FORTUNE  is coming to your school with educational workshops in personal finance.
Available in person or virtually
We offer 3 dynamic and most interesting workshops:
1) a workshop to learn how to make a budget
2) a workshop to learn how to save for your project
3) a workshop to learn what is credit and how to safely manage it

If are interested in our workshops, please contact us and we will be delighted to schedule our visit:



The mission of FRIC ET FORTUNE is to raise awareness among preschool and elementary school students with Viktor's piggy bank as a learning tool. We firmly believe that introducing the concept of savings in order to be able to successfully carry out life projects can begin on the school benches.


Even the youngest have dreams and aspire to achieve them. Another goal of Fric et fortune is to help students prepare to save for future projects, just like adults do with a saving account! This educational tool aims to teach students how to make informed personal finance decisions to ensure lifelong financial stability. ​


If are interested in our educational tool, please contact us: 514-605-8237



Become a company that thinks and care about the well-being of your young employees by offering them personal advance training.

Educating your employees is a competitive advantage.

Training is 100% tax deductible.

Available in person or virtually

We offer a training in personal finance integrating the notions of budget, savings and credit.

If are interested in our training session, please contact us: 514-605-8237

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